About Us

“We create value in the field of medical diagnostics and progress with innovative products”

We have determined our latest strategy for Pharmaline, which we established in 2009, to focus on medical diagnostic products. By closely following the developments in this important field of medicine, we have achieved the rights to represent important innovative products in our country and region. Moreover, we started to collaborate with the R & D centers and diagnostic laboratories, pioneering in the field of genetics and molecular biology in Turkey.

Today, new products are introduced to the market every day in the rapidly developing IVD field. As Pharmaline, we always aim to be a solution to an unmet need while presenting a product for the use of Turkish medicine and we prefer tests with high sensitivity and supported by clinical data. Attending the needs of physicians in Turkey and providing the best solutions is our main goal.

Company's history

We have started applications with LAMP at 2010.The first steps was to adopt the technology on veterinary diagnostics, detection of food/feed borne pathogens,zoonozes & bioteror detection fields. (2012-2018)
We also have developed human diagnostic tools where we have adopted our uniqe extraction tools

We have the ability to diagnose many pathogens on demond in 30 minutes.

  • 2014- Veterinary diagnostic kits
  • 2016- Bioteror agent detection at Ministry of health at bioteror Lab.
  • 2017- FMDV detection
  • 2019- Human diagnostic kits
  • 2020- ncov2 detection kit validated